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Man, it has been a long time since my last post, so long in fact that I failed to update my credit card info or failed to confirm something with my blog provider, and offline it went! But I have an excuse: I’m a busy guy. Very very busy. With a part time assistant, I am still pretty much chief cook and bottle washer most days. And my work day never really finishes; rather, it stops, and this 41 year-old old dog picks up right where he left off the day before. By the way, I love practically every minute of it. I often wonder when I am going to tire of this wild ride of a business, but I never do. I think my myriad careers/jobs over the years have all been prologue to my arrival at a point where my interests meld into one exceedingly strange yet rewarding work life. It doesn’t feel like work anymore; It’s just life. Cool…

And as I made my way to Jittery Joe’s this morning for an incredibly long overdue stopping to take stock, I began to think about all the excuses for why I haven’t blogged, excuses that would make my shallow pool of readers forgive me and maybe return to check in from time to time as they once did. And it dawned on me! In the business I am in, the question should not be “What’s your excuse for not blogging more often?” Rather, the question should be “What’s your excuse for blogging so often?” Successful realtors work all the time (easy money, you say?), so if you are not filling the other time with family and friends, which we all do because realtors also tend to be social, then lots of attention to one’s blog can only mean one thing: You ain’t hustling for your current clients, you’re hustling for your next clients.

I’ve been hustling for my clients and a funny thing happens when you hustle for your clients. Their friends call you. Their parents call you. Their cousin or colleague calls you. Suddenly, blogging seems like going golfing when you should be in the office or out in the field. I know online marketing is the wave, right, but the old political adage about all politics being local applies to real estate too. And shouldn’t blogs by definition be somewhat more personal? To use blogs to tout how great you are in business kind of seems smarmy to me, yet I was guilty of this, but no longer.

If you need a job done, give it to a busy person.
The other kind of person has not the time…

Forgot where I read this, but this counter-intuitive statement rings so true.  I am a busy man, yet my clients are the true beneficiaries of my busyness.  As for blogging, if I blogged as much as I think I should to have a good blog, I’d probably have not the time to serve the sheer volume of awesome Athenians and incoming Athenians I meet and serve on a daily basis (not to mention I’d be a really lousy parent, husband, friend, and community participant). 

If you want to learn a little here and there about the ATH area market, Athens culture, etc., check in from time to time.  I am not promising to be super-post man because I tried that already.  But I am worth a bookmark at least, right?  And when you want a hustler in your corner, call me, because I am a busy person, and we get it done  That’s the only marketing you will ever read here again.  I like blogging, but I think I have a new and healthier take on it.  What it will look like remains to be seen.  I will still have my archives, and there is definitely useful info in there along with the drivel.

For now, my coffee is done, it’s getting light out, and my phone is about to heat up.  Happy Friday!  Happy Halloween!  Go Dawgs!  Everyone be safe on your drive down and back to Florida.  I’d be there, but I have not the time…


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