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I am writing from my makeshift office called my dining room table.  The family has now been away in Tahoe for five nights, and I am hunkered in with the dog instead of going into the office.  I am slowly becoming a bachelor again.  Man, living alone this past week makes me realize how much you can get done when you march to one beat, but it also makes me realize the balancing effect a family can have on one’s lifestyle.  I have often been accused of being a workaholic, but I never accepted that moniker.  What’s that old blues line, “if you’re diggin’ what you’re doin’; keep doin’ what you’re digging?”  It’s Sunday night, and although it feels like a relaxing weekend, I guess I have pretty much worked both days into the evening, but it just didn’t feel like work.  I still got a chance to go out to the Georgia Theater last night and see BooRay, Betsy Franck and Scott Leona-Day, and Three Foot Swagger.  I also had a hankering for filled peppers the way my grandma used to make, so I kicked it up a notch above her recipe and had a couple  friends over tonight to herald the start of a new week.  No gym this morning, but lower body first thing tomorrow.  Oh, the pain, which brings me to the topic at hand.

I was intending to log on tonight and post Part II of my Foreclosures in Athens, GA series, but I just can’t do it.  The weekend has been too good. The weather broke and breezes were everywhere today.  It was mild dry heat and pleasant.  I can tell the summer is getting long in the tooth.  I had a great weekend, and right now, I would rather think about the 80% of the market that is “on” rather than the 20% of the market that is “off.” Yes, this extraordinary market has made timely content of utmost importance, but the story is still generally good in ATH, and a day late on content delivery in this case is pretty negligible

I think tonight is a night to sit out in the late summer air and contemplate the imminent fall (the season…not the market!).  By the way, still no comments?  I am beginning to wonder…

If you are reading this post as an archive, check the archives for Part II.  It should be there.

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