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Holy Cow! Just to put into perspective how different the national inventory is now compared to every year going back to 1995, check out the graph below. Nuts. Good luck sifting through the earlier years; they begin to bleed together but are still somewhat decipherable. The graph is courtesy of the NAR and was presented in our Tuesday sales meeting this week. Note: the graph only provides numbers for single family homes.

And what is our local contribution to those current numbers above? These figures are courtesy of Athens’ local MLS and were taken July 31, 2008.

Athens-Clarke County

Total Units Listed (MLS) 1,419

Single family properties 917

0-2 years old 512

Oconee County

Total units (MLS) 543

Single Family Properties 506

0 to 2 years old. 243

Madison County

Total units in MLS 276

Single Family Properties 258

0-2 years old 123

Jackson County

Total units in MLS 302

Single family properties 298

0-2 years old 188

Oglethorpe County

Total units in MLS 157

Single family properties 145

0-2 years old 64

These figures do not include FSBO’s, which are easily spotted around the counties. Let’s see what these numbers look like on September 1st, a month from now. Stay Tuned.


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