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I will make this one short since it is really a footnote for the last post.  In a nutshell: If you are buying a foreclosure, make sure you have some type of inspection period (banks and the feds usually grant you about 5 days…short but doable if you move quickly to do you due diligence).  During this period, GET THE SEPTIC SYSTEM INSPECTED! This service usually requires a system pumping in order to take a good look at it, and if you end up not buying it, then the seller just got a free service from you, but it is worth the 250.00 or so (Athens, GA prices) to have the inspection done.  Don’t make the assumption that because the foreclosure is a newer house that the septic system is probably fine.  My septic guy (yes, I have a septic guy…) told me recently of a new system in which the leach lines were never installed.  Just a big cauldron of poop under ground.  Mmmm…  Anyway, new houses can have failing systems just as easily as older houses, especially in ATH area after the tremendous amount of rain we had last year.  Finally, there are many reasons that owners get foreclosed upon, so I do not want the next statement to be taken the wrong way, but I will say it anyway.  Some people should never have been allowed to purchase a home with someone else’s money, and these buyers knew it from the start.  They never took care of their homes, and totally trashed them from the day they entered the place.  How else do you explain the absolute digusting/horrible state of a two to three year old home?  Logically extend this reality to the septic system, and just imagine what the state if it could be.  Enough said…JP

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